Improving the quality of patient health care through technological innovation.
Seguro Surgical, Inc. is an innovative medical device company specializing in the development and commercialization of quality surgical devices that will benefit both medical professionals and patient populations. Seguro has established links with leading Educational Institutions to enable it to access, assess and license new technologies that match our mission - to reduce health care costs, while improving patient safety.
Our initial product technology platform (exclusively licensed from Johns Hopkins University) is focused on improving patient safety during abdominal surgery. This is achieved using Seguro’s Lap Pak device, a flexible, one–piece device contoured to enable the rapid and secure repositioning of the bowels to expose the surgical site. Using this device eliminates the need for cotton pads and towels which have been demonstrated to result in the initiation of adhesions. These adhesions are known to cause chronic abdominal pain, small bowel obstruction and female infertility.

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December 2, 2013
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December 1, 2011
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Lap Pak (FDA registration number 3008581417) is an elegantly simple, yet effective medical device that is employed during abdominal surgery to safely retain the bowels away from the surgical field. The device is a one piece silicone product that can be placed in the abdomen in one easy motion, and stays securely in place for the entire surgery without the need for repositioning.
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